from: şebnem somel
title: ...
form: text; e-mail letter

Dear Hakan,

I had a dream of you this morning. We were at a city like Venice, but its sea was very clean, and there was even a Migros store, you were a film director, and DVD copies of your films are for sale, then I shop at that Migros, but all my packages disappear when I arrive at the check-out, you are still there, I understand you made your shopping and checked out.
And the most telling part of the dream is that you act like a knight rider when I told you that my packages disappeared, and dive into the sea to find them, it was part sea and part river, its colors were yellow and green, very clean, very clear, visibility is very good. You dived into it, then swam to the bottom, your motorcycle parked there, you got on it and ride off. I looked at your speed with envy, and though how on earth my packages became invisible.

Then I woke up, and thought some people are determined to reflect, one way or another.

Remain with my love,