from: didem payan
title: "i want my mirrors"
form: article
(solak, issue no. 2000/23, p. 6, "letters")

Hakan is one of the rare people I can call an intellectual.. I didn't find the chance to see him much, so we never broke each other's hear (a success!). Some times we talked until the morning, and I learned many things from him. He is curious to the point of madness, he likes to take clues, get them together and shout "That's it!" You can't escape from his questions. And I couldn't understand why he is so hooked on the sun signs. Maybe because I find them stupid. And he laughs with his eyes. He even talks with his eyes. I think he never bothers to flatter people's pride. He says what he thinks about you right away. If you debate on something, he will always clearly express his views. You can express your views clearly, but the debate will always remain at its starting point, because he is so stubborn. In short, in my mirror Hakan has a special place..."