from: sami akbeniz
title: for sale
form: poem, accompanied by the work entitled “a man” by hakan akçura
(mixed technique on canvas, 1994, private collection). (2 pieces)


Your hand wanders crawling
Across the cold and dark railings of the staircases
Your warm and bright eyes full of light
Touches the desolate and misty skin of the evening

Across the street a dirty faced madman sporting a black beard
Rapes the windows illuminated in a frosty way
And the dirty and moist night growing
Like it has sworn to be careful

So you relax a little
What you see are not stranger, in fact,
To the street
Where you hide and lick your bleeding fingers

So you walk, with your heart full of peace
Leaning against the back wall of success’s cellar
Along the roads made of black tar asphalt
Whose sidewalks are frequented by dead dogs

And at that usual meeting point
Your cold and wet skin gets stuck to
Warm and sweaty bodies moving with timid motions
Before thinning out and getting lost.