from: tolga ünsün
title: “i want my mirrors”
form: text and damaged, unformatted cd with handwriting and case


my ideas about this "I want my mirrors" thing got lost yesterday among all the racket...

as I made you read what cem had written about self-portrait in Geniş Açı's "self-portrait" issue, it takes guts to "ask for one's mirrors". My contribution wasn't actually planned. It just worked itself out as a coincidence.

I was playing with the cd over there, looking at its reflections under the light and I first thought about a self-portrait, then I thought about "I want my mirrors" as I had not thought about anything else but scanning images for a couple of hours. And then, as I said, just by coincidence the piece you have got came out.

I just wanted to, there and then; I had not produced anything for a long time. This might be a beginning.

thank you...

may your work be easy...

tolga ünsün

texts on cd/ front side:
Hakan Akçura
“I want my mirrors”
Tolga Ünsün

back side:
“I want my mirrors”