from: serdar yaylalı
title: dream
form: mp3, improvisation, soundtrack to the script of a dream had by hakan akçura in 1989, accompanied by an ICQ dialogue containing that script

serdar 09.01.2000 11:58 p.m.

it is almost completed, I shall send it tomorrow

hakan 09.01.2000 11:58 p.m.
Is it in mp3 format?

serdar 09.01.2000 11:58 p.m.

hakan 09.01.2000 11:59 p.m.
a composition?

serdar 09.01.2000 11:59 p.m.
It is in wav format now, I shall encode it in mp3 format after mixing it. It is not a composition, but a soundtrack to the dream you had of birds

hakan 10.01.2000 00:00
I can’t believe you still remember it.
alright, do you want me to display that dream’s script together with your soundtrack?

serdar 10.01.20 00:01 a.m.
I didn’t know you had a written script, would you send it to me?

hakan 10.01.2000 00:02 a.m.
I don’t have it in digital format. And God knows where the hell is the script. If you want, I can find it (no, not now) and display it with your soundtrack.

hakan 10.01.2000 00:04 a.m.
Or let me narrate it to you...
I was a dream I never forgot, down to even its smallest details.

serdar 10.01.2000 00:04 a.m.
OK, if you send it tomorrow, I can probably do something suiting better to the script; this mirror business is very difficult, I didn’t know what to do, I wrote many things and then deleted them.

serdar 10.01.20 00:04 a.m.
Tell it to me!

hakan 10.01.2000 00:05 a.m.
My dear, everybody is in the same position, and all 200 mirrors they sent are incredibly beautiful because of precisely this reason, whether they are friend or foe...

hakan 10.01.20 00:07 a.m.
I’m standing by the bank of a lake
A ramshackle tea house
It’s open
It’s covered with reeds
People I knew at various periods of my life
Sit at the tables around me
Who don’t know each other
I sit at a table with my former lover
The lake’s color is ocean blue, and its banks forming a square with rounded corners
are behind us, pebble and sand ground beside us, bungalows behind...
A boy aged eight,
named Yağmur,
paralyzed below waist, son of a friend of mine
(very clever) moves around by using his hands,
sliding like a snake,
from one table to another
Like an alienation effect, and he is very fast

serdar10.01.20 00:10 a.m.

hakan 10.01.20 00:11 a.m.
then I began telling my lover the secret of all this reality,
then we hear a sound coming from the sky
I/we look
Red plump birds flying in the distance
emitting a rattling sound
That sound is not natural
Nor is their appearance
I lower my head and continue to debate
But the birds descend more and more, faster

hakan 10.01.20 00:14 a.m.

Descending, they rub against the reeds
of the ramshackle tea house
Their sound, rattle and rubbing noise are so high
that we can’t hear each other
In the mean time a woman I hate
who told the lie that caused I and my lover to part
wants to come by us and join the debate
I drive her off with difficulty, then catch one of the birds
hovering overhead as the last resort, and shout:

hakan 10.01.20 00:15 a.m.
-Look, what is real is as real as this!
but I feel a pain in the palm of my hand
The bird I hold is very hard
I open my hand and look at it
Then I scream and begin crying after understanding what it is
All of the plump birds having red crests and white bellies
are in fact puppets, I open its mouth and put my hand in
There is a real warm bird imprisoned in it, I hold it
But when I pull it out it breaks into pieces of flesh
I cry and scream:

hakan 10.01.20 00:17 a.m.

-So they did it!
While we were not here
While we were out of town
They caught all the birds, and imprisoned them in these puppets
and sealed them tight!
And I awake
The feeling of that hardness in my hand lasts one week!
That’s it

serdar 10.01.20 00:18 a.m.

Wonderful, but I have to make some changes, I had put a river and a forest.

hakan 10.01.20 00:20
You’ve just reminded me of two things:
Yes, there is a forest behind the bungalows
and behind the lake
In the distance, lies the sea never as blue as the lake
with a strip of land in between

serdar 10.01.20 00:22 a.m.

Is the sea far? I had put the scene by the seaside. I was right to ask!

hakan 10.01.20 00:23 a.m.
serdar, you are right.
The sea is near...
What lies behind the bungalows is the lake
and it is square with rounded corners,
and its color is dark blue.

serdar 10.01.20 00:24 a.m.

Look here, the mirror is ready now. I came up with the idea today, and completed it just 1 hour ago.

hakan 10.01.20 00:25
I’m dying to see it.......


hakan 14.01.20 11:33 p.m.
But I’ll use the script of your dream

Further, if you wish
I can use all ICQ messages we exchanged the day before
about your dream:)

serdar 14.01.20 11:34 p.m.
OK to all.