from: murat er
title: answer to the mirrors
form: text; e-mail letter

I’ve just wanted to answer your call. Although I’m not ‘near’ to you, you have left traces on me. What I remembered of you/the traces are:
You like chess,
You make a positive effect on me with your projects,
Your attitude of resisting in life against all odds,
Your paintings,
Your writings,
Your sensitive close friendship,
Your articulation looking ‘complex’ to me,
The fact that I feel I read less, listen less, and observe less than you each time I have a talk with you...

I believe from the heart that it is very important to lead people to think about humans, even for a few minutes, in the midst of darkest days. It looks not possible to me to save ourselves from the present way of life where individuals are turned into characterless people. However, this belief of mine will not prevent me from standing by you and all other friends of mine as long as I live.

Please always stay somewhere over there. Do not disappear...

I feel your affection.

Your distant intermediate friend Murat Er.