from: gökçe deniz
title: ...
form: e-mail letter


First of all I want to state that I don’t know you, I heard your name in the Internet for the first time, I mean I’ve just learned you are an artist; I read your writings while wandering and surfing in the Internet. And I didn’t want to remain unaffected. Them most significant reason of my desire to write to you is your courage. Why I call your project courage? You want all the people who know you, from the most important to the least important, from the oldest to the youngest, from the cleverest to the stupidest, in short hundreds of types of people we can imagine, to send you your reflection in their mirrors.

At this point I want to ask a question: What about TRUST? I can think of nothing but wishing success for you, because it is so difficult to share a handful of life available to us with others. It always fall short in a way. It is easy to be a person remaining unconsciously silent or preferring to remain silent. And getting lost among the silent people drives one crazy. I would like to thank you, because it is not easy to live in this country, and it is never easy to live as an artist.

I hope it will go smoothly for you.