from: derya oyanay
title: va, sa, ca, sa
form: text; e-mail

27 1, 22 1, 3 1, 22 1

crowd, a mixture of shadows... steep beyoğlu nights over mud hills.. Small stage, music at its nonsense. Short dives into the pleasent smell of coffee in a stinking atmosphere.. The girl is on stage, the see is far away. It is not the coffee of my dreams that I sip but it is O.K. The girl is not the mermaid of my childhood anyway.. (I can't help wondering: how does kundalini wake up?) Only a few breaths past.. And then halos of Samotraki and Ölüdeniz melt into each other.. You ask something, which has to force itself through the crowd.. Then it's my turn. I ask despite the crowd that needs to be split; how does Kundalini wake up?

Night is over, the day is past, time removes, age flows, the wick shivers, the candle melts, the sun shines.. The grass, the Bebek park, the tree is more of a tree now.. I take the golden string in my hand and strech the chakra lotus over the hoop. I start embroidering the four red petals. You reach for it Va, Sa, Ca, Sa !!

27 1, 22 1, 3 1, 22 1

(Translated by Orhan Cem Çetin)