from: ahmet çakaloz
title: Re: Question
form: e-mail letter

Young man,

How did I convey the “ambition to create” to you? I don’t know. I read the interviews you gave about the “I want my mirrors” project. The phrase you uttered most was “I don’t know”.

I developed and managed many projects. However, I always thought if the result is not pre-planned, if a project is not based on a pre-determined purpose, it cannot be called a project. And yours is something like it.. “No purpose, no plot, ending unknown”!!!

An explorer had said “You can’t discover a new land unless you agree to let your departure point disappear out of sight”.

Yours is a truly brave departure, with a truly genuine curiosity...Eh! I cannot help saying “Have nice trip”. With the same genuineness...

At the end of the day, you are always Gökhan’s brother for me. I knew you that way. And our relations did not go beyond that line. I heard you had taken a number of adventures in the past too, even if they were not as much ‘publicized’ as this. Had you been my brother or son, I wouldn’t have the heart to see you to take this adventure, or to start this game whose ending is unknown, but I would watch it by suppressing my intention to stop it, even support it. Many people escape from their past, but you are so open and willing to confront your past.. bravo! That’s what I call a challenge.

Had I not sensed curiosity, resistance, challenge, openness, not refraining from confrontation, questioning and searching in the other activities you did in the past, and had I not sensed a parallelism –even sameness– between those attitudes and your call, I would not have sent a ‘mirror’. Answer to your question: this is your place in my heart, your description in my mind. So I declared what is known. However, had you not pushed me with your following message, I wouldn’t have sit at my computer.

Frankly, I too wonder what results will your project give, young man. I wish it will be pleasant for you. I could join your project free of charge, but I preferred to write this letter so that I purchased an entry ticket to it.

In the last years the following agreement is applicable between me and my children: we make a present with hand or computer, an object to be drawn, painted, engraved, sculpted, taken from nature or the street, or to be just uttered, for our birthdays, new year’s eve, father’s day, etc., i.e. something not to be purchased from a shop...

Consider this a late birthday present, dear Hakan. I hope you live at least 37 years more, with health.

With affection and regards,

Ahmet Çakaloz

Ahmet Çakaloz

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>Sent: Monday, January 08, 2001 5:34 p.m.
> To: Ahmet ÇAKALOZ (General Directorate)
> Subject: Question
> Dear Ahmet,
> I ask with the ambition of creation you conveyed to me:
> Won’t you send in a mirror?
> Are you all right?
> I hope a healthy, peaceful, pleasant and happy new year for you.
> hakan akcura